Friday, December 17, 2010

What Award Do You Want To Receive?

Recently, the Dad of a close friend passed away.
          He was 82 years old.
          My friend was telling me that his father worked as a Sales Manager until he was 81 years old. He kept driving his car to work, visiting the stores, checking inventory, and working non-stop. He worked in the same company for 60 years!
Because of his dedication to his work, he was financially successful. My friend said that he always had money to give to his children. Even when they didn’t need the money anymore, it was his joy to give them financial gifts.
          But behind all this success, my friend said that his father died with a deep regret. 
Because some years ago, his wife passed away. 
And for the longest time, she was inviting him to travel. To take vacations. To enjoy trips together.
But always, the husband said, “I’m working. Go with the kids.”   So she would travel with the kids, but never with her husband.
That vacation never happened. She died without enjoying that vacation with her husband.
And her husband continued to work every single day. Until his company (finally) told him to retire at the age of 81.
When he retired at age 81, he now could take a vacation. 
But his wife was gone.
With nothing much else to do, he died one year later.
I said to my friend, “Through his life, your father is teaching us a lesson. It’s a powerful lesson. A beautiful lesson.”
He nodded his head and sighed. He said, “Even when we were adults, my father would give us money. That was his way of expressing his love. Thinking that was what we needed. But what we really needed was his time. His presence. But He couldn’t understand that.”
This man was very successful in his job. His bosses respected him so much. He was probably the “employee of the year” for sixty years straight.
But which Award is more important?
“Best Employee” or “Best Husband”?
“Best Worker” or “Best Wife”?
“Best Manager” or “Best Mom”?
“Best Salesman” or “Best Dad”?
You decide.
I told my friend, “I believe that the most important lessons we give, we teach from our grave. And from his grave, your father is teaching you how to live life in a different way.”
Why I Wrote About This Today
       Just to let you know, I’m 44 years old.
       I still get shocked when I realize that 6 years from now, I’ll be 50. Half a century. Sheesh.
But age has a blessing.
The older I get, the more I realize what’s important in life.
       At the end of the day, I’m wealthy not because of the money in the bank but because of the love in my relationships. I’ll never be happy in life if I’m not happy in my family relationships.
       I urge you to always put your family first.
       This is your most important wealth!

May your dreams come true,
       Bo Sanchez

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