Saturday, March 16, 2013

How To Start Living In Heaven Now

I have an announcement to make: You’re an immortal being. 
You will never die.
This is a bit difficult to swallow because we seem to be dying already.  We see its undeniable evidence whenever we look at the mirror.  We see that a few parts of our body have started to die.
Look at your hair.  For some of us, they started dying many years ago.  Denuded spots appeared very early and no amount of reforestation program has worked.  Your theme song is Shine Jesus Shine. 
Look at your skin.  A grandmother had her 6-year old grandchild on her lap.  The little girl touched her grandmother’s face and asked, “Did God make you, Lola?”   “Yes, God made me,” the older woman said.  The girl then touched her own face and asked, “Did God make me, Lola?”  “Yes, God made you too,” grandmother said.  The little girl thought hard and smiled, “You know what Grandma?  I think God is getting better in making people.”
Death is all around us.
Our friends die.  Our relatives die.   And their bodies get burned in an oven or get eaten by worms.  Either way, they bodies disappear from the face of the earth. 
But here’s our belief: A part of you does not die.  Jesus said,I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me will live even if he dies.”
Death isn’t a dead-end but a doorway
Death is simply relocation.  Death is changing your soul’s address from one universe to another universe.
Believe me, this powerful truth—if you truly grasp it—will dramatically impact the way you live every single day of your life.
Rewarding Ceremony
       One day, Jesus said, Be careful not to do your ‘acts of righteousness’ before men, to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven. (Matthew 6:1)  Jesus was saying, “Hey, don’t try to get all your rewards on earth.  There are more rewards in Heaven.”

       I believe that there’s a Rewarding Ceremony on earth but the bigger Rewarding Ceremony is in Heaven. The Law of the Farm—that you harvest what you plant, and reap what you sow—doesn’t only apply today on earth but also tomorrow in Heaven.  What you do in this world are seeds that bear fruit even after you die. 

God Is A Gentleman

The Law of the Farm means that YOU choose where you want to go—Heaven or Hell.

Some people think that God brings good people to Heaven and bad people to Hell.  Some people imagine God to be this celestial policeman that grabs us by the collar and throws us to the prison of Hell where we will languish in eternal pain.
I beg to disagree.  God is a Father.  He created us to be one with Him forever.  So Heaven is His choice for you.  Always. 
But He won’t force you to go there if you don’t want to.  The Bible says He knocks at the door of your heart.  He won’t barge in.  He won’t bulldoze His way in.  He’s the perfect gentleman. 
One theologian said that people who go to Hell would not be forced to go there.  There will be no guards to drag them there in chains, while they scream, “Noooooooo!  Give me one last time!”  They will go there on their own.  Every person who goes to Hell will do so out of his own volition.  Let me put it this way: When we die, there’ll be two signposts.  One points to Heaven and the other points to Hell.  Some people, because of the hatred in their hearts, will choose Hell.
Your Afterlife Is A Mirror Of What’s In Your Heart
When I was in high school, my friends and I went to Fiesta Carnival in Cubao.  (During my time, that was the only place where you could ride a decent rollercoaster.)
Let’s call my two classmates Ulap and Apoy.  Ulap loved rollercoasters.  He couldn’t stop dreaming about it, he couldn’t stop talking about it, and he couldn’t stop riding it every chance he gets.  But not Apoy.  He feared it with every ounce of his body.  But on that day, Ulap dared Apoy.  He said, “Ride the rollercoaster or you’re one big chicken!”  And Ulap, being a typical bully that he was, shouted, “Chicken!  Chicken!  Chicken!” a hundred times until Apoy finally agreed to ride the rollercoaster.
Which was a big mistake.  Because Apoy couldn’t even ride the Merry Go Round without throwing up.  For Apoy, an escalator was already too exciting.
So when Ulap and Apoy rode the rollercoaster, I heard them shrieking to the top of their voices.  “Wheeeeeee!” and “Whaaaaaa!” both of them screamed.  Except that Ulap was shrieking out of sheer delight.  And Apoy was shrieking out of sheer terror.
When both stepped out of the rollercoaster, Ulap was in Heaven and Apoy was in Hell.  It was the same ride, but they had two very opposite experiences.
My story is a very imperfect analogy.  (Please don’t take my analogy literally.)  But I share it to you to emphasize one simple point: I believe your afterlife will be a mirror of what is in your heart.  A loving person will feel at home in Heaven.  A loving person will feel at home with God.  But a hateful, selfish, cruel person will feel tortured in Heaven because he can’t stand the presence of perfect love, that he’d rather go to Hell—away from that perfect love.
       Next week, I’ll talk about the 3 things that will happen in Heaven…
       May your dreams come true,

       Bo Sanchez

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