Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The 4 Terrific Persons You Should Hang Out With

Last week, I told you to “Say No To Toxic People.”
Today, I’ll tell you to “Say Yes To Terrific People.”
The Good Book says, Iron sharpens iron; so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend. (Proverbs 27:17)

There are 4 Terrific Persons you need to be with…

Terrific Person #1:
Those Who Nourish You Emotionally

       They say there are two types of great persons in this world.
       The first type of great person?   After talking to him, you walk out impressed at how great that person is.  You are dwarfed by his greatness.
       Here’s the second type of great person: After talking to him, you walk out impressed at how great you are.  You walk out a giant yourself—as big or even bigger than that great person.
       Hang out with the second type of great person.
Hang out with people who make you feel important, respected, and worthy.
       One of my mentors has a powerful way of making me feel important.
He’s a true blue, genuine Billionaire.  But he treats me like I was more important than he is.  It’s the small things that he does that make me leave his presence believing I’m special.  The way he listens to me.  The way he respects my opinion.  The way he doesn’t laugh at my silly questions.  Even common sense courtesy and respect.  For example, after our meeting in his office, he’ll walk with me to my car.  He won’t leave me until he knows I’m in my car and ready to go.  Small things that tell me I’m a great man.
       Look for people like that.

Terrific Person #2:
Those Who Nourish You Spiritually
You’re a soul with a temporary earthly existence.
Thus, your most important need is to be spiritually nourished.
That’s why I preach at the FEAST every Sunday.  (Call up Tel (02) 7259999 for more information.)  I believe that many people are spiritually malnourished and they need God’s Word in their lives.
But more than knowledge, a spiritual leader should feed you with God’s love.
How?  By his own love for you.
He doesn’t teach you because of pride.  He teaches you because of love.  That’s where I want to grow—and boy do I have a long way to go.
       When a spiritual leader believes he’s better, holier, and more righteous than anyone else in church, be wary.  A good spiritual leader knows his faults and acknowledges them before everyone.
       Look for your source of regularly spiritual nourishment.

Terrific Person #3:
Those Who Nourish You Intellectually

       Do you have dreams?
       Who are the people in the world that have already fulfilled your dream?
       Hang out with them—and pick their brains.
       Listen to their talks.  Read their books.  Attend their seminars.
       There are two kinds of teachers.  The first kind of teacher has a lot of book knowledge and nothing else.  The second type of teacher has experiential knowledge, with mud on her shoes, blisters on her hands, and scars in her heart.  She’s someone who teaches from her battlefield experience.  Look for the second type of teacher.
       I have family mentors who have great marriages and are fantastic parents.
       I have spiritual mentors who live with profound love and holiness and inspire me to do the same.
       I have financial mentors who are millionaires and billionaires.
       Check the net-worth of the people you hangout with.  Most likely, you’ll mirror each other’s average income.  If you want an increase in your income, hangout with people who earn, save, invest, and give more than you do.  Learn from them!
Go and get terrific people in your life.

Terrific Person #4:
Spend Time With God, Who Else?

       Need I say more? 
Jesus was committed to daily prayer:  And in the morning, rising up a great while before day, he (Jesus) went out, and departed into a solitary place, and there prayed.  (Mark 1:35)
       But here’s the problem: Many people don’t worship God, but a caricature of God. 
       If you really examine their God, He’s cruel, legalistic, insecure, and tyrannical. 
       We need to change our image of God, because we become exactly like the God we worship.  In the end, we too will become cruel, legalistic, insecure, and tyrannical.  (Have you ever wondered why many religious people are poor reflections of the love of God?  This is the reason.)

       Choose terrific persons to hang out with in your life!

       May your dreams come true,

       Bo Sanchez

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