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7 Laws of Aggressiveness

The greatest dreams are always unrealistic. - Will Smith

            If you want to become wealthy, you need to be aggressive.
            If you want to be entrepreneurs, you have to be aggressive.
            If you want to be great employees—not just mediocre ones—you have to be aggressive.
            Here are the 7 Laws of Aggressiveness:

1. The Law of Clarity

            People ask me, "How were you able to achieve all that you have achieved?”
            Here's my answer: "I know what I want. I imagine it. I dream it.”
            How can you be aggressive if you don't know what you want?
            People who aren't clear with what they want will always be lukewarm, wishy-washy, tepid, non-committed.
The more precise these thoughts are, the quicker it becomes a reality
            When Tiger Woods was 8 years old, he already said, "I will break all golf world records and be the number one golfer in the world.”
            When Steven Spielberg was 12 years, he already said, "I will tell stories to the world through movies.”
            When Bill Clinton was still in Yale, Hilary said that he told everyone he met, "One day, I'll be the President of the United States.”
            They were clear about what they wanted.
            Are you?
            Review your dreams.
2. The Law of Focus

            An aggressive person is totally focused.
            At any time, you only can focus on one thing.
The more focused you are, the quicker it becomes reality.
            (More on this on Habit 7.)

3. The Law of Intensity
            Show me a successful person, and I'll show you a passionate person.
            If you have not yet discovered your passion, you've not yet discovered your path to success.
            Be intense! Be passionate! Be on fire!
            Note: I'm not talking of obsession.
            We want to live a life of balance. 
            But to succeed in business, you need to have passion for what you do.

4. The Law of Action

            Let me ask you a question:
            Six frogs were sitting on the fence. One frog decided to jump off. How many are left?
            If you answered 5, you're wrong.
            The correct answer is all 6 are still sitting on the fence. 
            Because I said "One frog decided to jump.” 
            But did he really jump?
            Many people just make decisions.
            "I'm deciding to diet tomorrow.”
            "I'm deciding to quit smoking.” 
            "I'm deciding to get rich.”
            Will something happen?
            Aggressive people don't just decide. 
            Aggressive people don't leave the place where they made their decision without putting their decision into action.
            Unless you act, nothing happens.
            One of my most favorite quotes is from the CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt.
            He said, "Fail quickly. So you can try again.”  
            This has been the story of my life.

5. The Law of Hustle

            If one door is closed, look for an open door somewhere.
            You don't give up until you succeed.
            Walt Disney was turned down 302 times before he got financing for his dream of creating the "Happiest Place on Earth."
            Colonel Sanders spent two years driving across the United States looking for restaurants to buy his chicken recipe. He was turned down 1,009 times! How successful is Kentucky Fried Chicken today?
            Aggressive people hustle.
            They always look for the open door.

6. The Law of Gestation
            There's a timing in everything.
            The baby has to stay in his mother's womb for nine months.
            You can't force the baby to come out in one month or two months.
I believe there's also the right timing for the birth of your achievements.
            Wait for the right time.
            Remember: Success is 90 percent preparation and 10 percent action.
            You don't wait for luck. You create it.
            But how? 
            Let me define luck for you: Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.
            When opportunity comes, you're prepared!
            So keep preparing now for your great success.

7. The Law of Integrity

            Everything you do must come from love.
            You can be a loving person and an aggressive person at the same time.
            In fact, you are aggressive because you love.
            Naturally, entrepreneurs focus on money. 
            But there are two types of income.
            There's monetary income. And psychic income. 
            In psychic income, the entrepreneur believes he's making this world a better place—by giving jobs, by giving his product, by being a businessman.
            Remember that you're a great person.
            Don't ask, "Am I worthy of these goals?” 
            Ask, "Are these goals worthy of me?”

How Aggressive Are You?

            I read the life story of Sylvester Stallone and it moved me.
            Stallone was born in poverty. In fact, his mother gave birth to him in the steps of a school. 
            When he grew up, he spoke with a slurred speech all his life. 
            Yet his dream was to be an actor.
            Obviously, no one wanted to hire him. 
            But the man had hustle.
            Every day, he sat in front of the Director until he was given a bit part in a movie. After that, no one wanted to hire him again. 
            One day, he became so poor, he sold his dog for $50. 
            That was heartbreaking for him. 
            He then wrote a movie script that nobody wanted. 
            Finally, after many rejections, one production house said they want to buy the script for $75T on one condition: Someone else would play the main role.
            Stallone rejected their offer because he wanted to play the main role. 
            The production house raised the price to $225T—for as long as Stallone would agree that someone else would play the main role. 
            He rejected them again. 
            Finally, they offered him an offer he couldn't refuse: $1M. 
            But he rejected that too. 
            So they offered $35T for the script—with him in the starring role. 
            He accepted! 
            And as they say, the rest is history: That movie was Rocky and it grossed $171 Million. It also won 10 Academy Awards including Best Actor and Best Picture of the Year. That one movie started his meteoric rise to stardom.
            (By the way, when he became rich, he bought back his dog!)
            That, my friend, is aggressiveness.
            After reading his life story, I realized why many are not successful. We're simply not aggressive enough.

Rate Your Aggressiveness
            Do you give up easily?
            Do you get discouraged and become passive?
            From a scale of 1 to 10, rate your aggressiveness towards your dreams. 
            1 is totally passive while 10 is Stallone's aggressiveness.
            Aggressiveness Rating:                                  

            How can you be more aggressive?

            Next Habit: Money Machines.

            May your dreams come true,

            Bo Sanchez

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